AngeL Nodes

Earn lifetime income forever!

Simple 4-Step Gameplay

1 Buy $AngeL Tokens
2 Create a Node
3 Upgrade your Node
4 Collect Earnings Daily

A Node Ecosystem

Where you can create your own Nodes to generate a lifetime passive income.

Node Holders will get their rewards in our native token, the $AngeL and the maximum number of nodes per wallet is limited to 100.

Brand new Helena Node released on 23rd of April, 2022. Helena Node is a bonus node and not included within maximum 100 node limit.

bronze icon

Dark Angel

66 $AngeL
16% ROI
per month
angel node icon


77 $AngeL
30% ROI
per month
archangel icon

Arch Angel

111 $AngeL
18% ROI
per month
nemesis icon


up to
33% ROI
per month


❝ You can increase the yield of your Nodes by upgrading them to the upper-tier. ❞

Upgrading your node to the upper-tier temporarily stops your yield from that node however it does not cost anything. Upgrades are 100% FREE!

Dark Angel to Arch Angel in 33 days
Arch Angel to Nemesis in 11 days
The Nemesis NODE
Nemesis Node can not be bought with $Angel Tokens, the only way to get a Nemesis Node is by upgrading the Arch Angel Node and waiting for 11 days.
HELENA: The Best for the Price
Helena Node arrives to turn up the heat on. Now, new kinds of player strategies and gameplays are on the table for utilizing maximum return from the protocol. Starting on 23rd of April, each consecutive Helena Node buy will incrementally increase your $HELENA winnings for 10 days until 04 May, 00:00 UTC. The first buy will grant you 1 $HELENA, the second buy will grant you 2 more, the third node 3 more, … until you get 8 Helena Nodes and max out the 36 $HELENA prize cap. Prizes will be airdropped to your wallets after the contest ends.

❝ You can collect up to 36 $Helena

Tokens during the contest❞